Schrader TPMS Academy Introduces “TPMS Tech Talk”

Schrader welcomes “TPMS Tech Talk”, a FREE subscription-based, online training portal that provides training information to service professionals and encourages open discussions.

Schrader TPMS Academy, the training and education brand of Schrader TPMS Solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of TPMS Tech Talk, a FREE, subscription-based, digital platform that hosts a selection of technical articles and training resources around TPMS.

Schrader Tech TalkTPMS Tech Talk is an online portal hosted on the website that aims to educate, inform, and initiate an open conversation by connecting Schrader’s TPMS experts directly with service professionals. The Tech Talk topics come from the challenges faced while working with TPMS and the most common questions Schrader’s technical team receives, such as: talking to customers about TPMS, the importance of maintenance and tool software updates, differences between programming and relearning procedures, TPMS legislation, and more. The content is frequently updated, and visitors can subscribe for free to stay up to date with the latest publications. Users are encouraged to engage with Schrader’s technical team, as well as their peers below each article in the comment field.

“We want to create a space for service professionals where they can read, learn more, and ask questions about the topics that are important for them,” says Mariam Lochoshvili, Marketing Communications at Schrader.

The addition of TPMS Tech Talk comes just a few months after Schrader announced the re-launch of their NEW e-training website Schrader TPMS Academy (, which is the industry’s first module-based, TPMS online training platform. Schrader TPMS Academy hits all of the marks when it comes to delivering top quality online and offline training services while remaining 100% free of charge.

“Schrader TPMS Academy has reliable content that is always fresh and up to date. The TPMS e-Training Course has had more than 200 new registrations since its re-launch. This success continues to drive us to improve every aspect of our Schrader Academy presence. We are excited to share our training resources and the new platform with the public,” says Lochoshvili.

Visitors are encouraged to visit and subscribe to TPMS Tech Talk to stay updated with the latest materials around TPMS. For more information, please contact us at  

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