Summer Ready: Benefits of TPMS Retrofit Kits for Your Off-Road Vehicle

RFK-OffroadReady to visit the great outdoors this summer? For many, there’s no better activity than spending time in nature during hot summer days and one popular activity among outdoor enthusiasts is off-roading! Something that should be considered before heading out for an off-roading session is safety, and that includes making sure your tyres are properly inflated and maintaining the right pressure.

Schrader’s TPMS Retrofit Kit is a sleek way to monitor tyre pressure in vehicles built before 2014 that were not equipped with TPMS system from the manufacturer. Retrofit kits monitor and display tyre pressure, temperature, and warn a driver when tyres are under-inflated 20% or more. Featuring a dash-mounted receiver with a solar powered display, four wheel-mounted sensors for passenger cars and light trucks they serve to improve your driving experience!

A key reason why Schrader retrofit kit is extremely beneficial to off-road vehicles is that drivers can set their own recommended tyre pressure settings. Off-road enthusiasts often lower their tyre pressure to increase traction and performance of their vehicle in rough environments, so the retrofit kit ensures tyres remain at a determined pressure (generally under the manufacturer recommended pressure). Retrofit kits also provide pressure by location in real-time, which can make a life-saving difference while driving on unsurfaced roads! Other benefits of maintaining proper tyre pressure include reduced breaking distance and increased vehicle handling capabilities at low speeds. When facing fun but rough conditions, you’ll want to make sure you have these benefits at hand.

So, the next time you’re planning your next outdoor adventure, consider adding a TPMS retrofit-kit to your off-road vehicle— that way you can rest assured you, your friends and your family are safe while enjoying the rough roads ahead!

Written by Leyla Saad, Marketing Coordinator