Explaining Types of TPMS Sensors in Terms of Music

TPMS-SENSOR-MUSICThe technology in vehicles is constantly improving and changing as cars become smarter. As always, with new technology comes more options, and TPMS is no exception. There are multiple types of TPMS sensors, and deciding which one is right for your business starts with a good understanding of each.
Below is an explanation in terms of something we all understand – music!

Programmable Sensors: Music On-Demand

When you are listening to your favorite streaming service, you have whatever song you want, when you want it. You don’t have to buy a whole collection of music in order to have that song at any given time. Similarly, when using a programmable sensor, the protocols are downloadable and you are able to choose which application you want whenever you need it. You always have the right sensor at your fingertips.

    •    As low as one SKU to stock
    •    Able to add new applications without adding SKUs
    •    Able to copy ID from an original sensor

    •    Need a tool to program and relearn the sensor.

Multiple Protocol Sensors: A Mix Tape Collection

Before we had music on demand, we had mixtapes. You would pick your favorite songs and put them together on one tape. You keep multiple mixed tapes as new songs are developed, so you continue to have the right mix when you want it. When you want a specific song, you play the whole mixtape. Multiple protocol sensors are much the same. Each sensor has a collection of the most commonly used vehicle applications. You keep a collection of different multiple protocol sensors so that you have the right sensor when you need it.

    •    No programming or selecting needed.

    •    Must stock 6+ SKUs for full coverage
    •    New applications = added SKUs
    •    If a wrong sensor is installed, a new sensor must be installed from scratch
    •    Risk of cross-talk with multiple protocols functioning at once
    •    Tool needed to relearn the sensor.


Selectable Sensors: A Jukebox

A jukebox is similar to a mixed tape, only you are able to select one specific song that you want to listen to. A selectable sensor has protocols pre-loaded and you select which vehicle application you want to use. You keep a collection of selectable sensors so that you have the right application when you need it.

    •    Able to copy sensor ID from an original sensor.

    •    Must stock 6+ SKUs
    •    New applications = Added SKUs
    •    Must select application before installing
    •    Tool needed to select and relearn the sensor.


Direct Fit Sensors: A 45-Record Collection

A 45 holds a single song. You stock an entire library of the 45s you love the most so that you can listen to the song you want when you want to. This is just like a “like for like” sensor. Each sensor has a specific protocol built in, and you have one sensor for one application. You keep a large stock of different SKUs so that you have the right sensor when you need it.

    •    No programming or selecting needed.

    •    Must stock hundreds of SKUs to guarantee coverage
    •    New applications = added SKUs
    •    Tool needed to relearn.

Written by Jacki Lutz for Tire Review 

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