Schrader Programming Tools

Schrader’s programming and diagnostic handheld/desktop pad is designed to exclusively program EZ-sensor® and diagnose all OE TPMS sensors. Despite its small size and weight (only 170 g), the EZ-sensor® PAD excels in programming speed and reliability.

Quick and Easy: Highly responsive and user-friendly programming.

Highest New Vehicles Coverage: Software updates are available LIVE, immediately after their development and always free of charge.

Device Friendly: Can be paired with mobile (IOS and Android), tablet or desktop devices.

Long Battery Life: 8 hours battery life, programs up to 120 sensors with a full battery.

Haga clic aquí para descargar la aplicación EZ-sensor® PAD

Schrader's EZ-sensor® PAD makes programming and testing EZ-sensor® easier than ever. Using the Schrader TPMS App on a desktop or mobile device, you are able to connect to the EZ-sensor® PAD wherever is more convenient for your shop. The Schrader TPMS App is available for Android, iOS or Windows PC. The EZ-sensor® PAD is small, lightweight and programs fast. The EZ-sensor® PAD also provides LIVE vehicle coverage updates so updating the tool is not necessary. Altogether with its 8-hour battery life, servicing TPMS has never been easier or more convenient!

If you own an EZ-sensor® PAD, click here (section EZ-sensor® Pad) to download the Schrader TPMS App. The app is also available on Google Play and the Apple store.