Schrader Programming Tools

Schrader’s programming and diagnostic handheld/desktop pad is designed to exclusively program EZ-sensor® and diagnose all OE TPMS sensors. Despite its small size and weight (only 170 g), the EZ-sensor® PAD excels in programming speed and reliability.

Quick and Easy: Highly responsive and user-friendly programming.

Highest New Vehicles Coverage: Software updates are available LIVE, immediately after their development and always free of charge.

Device Friendly: Can be paired with mobile (IOS and Android), tablet or desktop devices.

Long Battery Life: 8 hours battery life, programs up to 120 sensors with a full battery.

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Schrader's EZ-sensor® PAD makes programming and testing EZ-sensor® easier than ever. Using the Schrader TPMS App on a desktop or mobile device, you are able to connect to the EZ-sensor® PAD wherever is more convenient for your shop. The Schrader TPMS App is available for Android, iOS or Windows PC. The EZ-sensor® PAD is small, lightweight and programs fast. The EZ-sensor® PAD also provides LIVE vehicle coverage updates so updating the tool is not necessary. Altogether with its 8-hour battery life, servicing TPMS has never been easier or more convenient!

If you own an EZ-sensor® PAD, click here (section EZ-sensor® Pad) to download the Schrader TPMS App. The app is also available on Google Play and the Apple store.

Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

To ensure you have a successful and profitable TPMS program, Schrader offers a full, high-quality, TPMS product line. Schrader provides OE replacement sensors as well as Schrader’s revolutionary programmable EZ-sensor®. Retrofit Kits are also available if a customer does not have TPMS but desires the safety and peace of mind that TPMS provides. Schrader also offers the products you need to service these sensors, such as OE quality service packs and hand tools.