Schrader TPMS Hand Tools

  • Properly tightens screw for rubber, snap-in valves
  • Part Number: 20140
  • T-20 Torque Tool: Part Number 20141
  • A pre-set torque tool specifically designed for use with TPMS sensors that use a T-20 screw to attach the aluminum valve stem to the sensor body. 
  • Properly installs screws for proper sealing and security
  • Multiple head sizes
  • High, Schrader quality
  • Properly tightens nuts for aluminum clamp-in sensors
  • Includes 2 size tips and storage case
  • Part Number: 20142
  • Properly tightens valve cores
  • Includes pocket clip to keep conveniently in your pocket
  • Part Number: 20141

Today’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors require specialty hand tools and replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function. Schrader has the TPMS parts and tools required for proper tire service, repairing damage or the effects of extended use. Get it done right the first time with the tools and parts you need from Schrader, the industry leader in TPMS.

Product Materials

Schrader Hand Tools Sell Sheet