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November 08 2022

Schrader TPMS Solutions at SEMA and AAPEX 2022

Schrader TPMS Solutions, the automotive aftermarket brand of Sensata Technologies, exhibited at the SEMA and AAPEX tradeshows on November 1st—4th, 2022.

August 31 2022

Schrader TPMS Solutions Announces Leading TPMS Coverage for Electric Vehicles

Schrader, the automotive aftermarket brand of Sensata Technologies, announces leading Electric Vehicle (EV) coverage for its programmable TPMS sensor line, EZ-sensor®. Thanks to Schrader’s strong OE pedigree, EZ-sensor®, and its latest generation EZ-sensor® GO, provides users with 70% EV coverage for national brands.


Our Products

Schrader takes great pride in delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to the automotive industry's sensory needs. All Schrader aftermarket products are OE quality and are designed to fit and function exactly like an OE product.

EZ-sensor® EZ-sensor®

Schrader's programmable EZ-sensor® brings your entire TPMS sensor inventory down to a single SKU, by combining 314.9, 315 and 433 MHz applications into a single sensor.

Programming Tools Programming Tools

EZ-sensor® is compatible with most tool vendors on the market and may work with a tool that you already own!

OE Replacement Sensors OE Replacement Sensors

Schrader's OE Replacement sensors (OER), or "direct-fit" sensors, are designed to be a "like for like" replacement of an OE sensor and are made to fit specific applications based on a vehicle's make, model and year.

Service Kits Service Kits

Schrader Service Kits are OE quality and should be replaced every time the tire is removed from the wheel.

TPMS Retrofit Kits TPMS Retrofit Kits

Schrader's TPMS Retrofit Kits are designed for use on passenger vehicles and light trucks that were built prior to factory TPMS installation. Use a retrofit kit to give the vehicle the many benefits of a fully functioning TPMS system.

TPMS Hand Tools TPMS Hand Tools

Schrader's high-quality hand tools are designed to properly install and remove TPMS sensors, reducing the risk of breaking the sensor or valve stem.