Understanding TPMS Programming

Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are a highly technical vehicle safety feature and the TPMS sensor is a crucial component of the system. There are many different sensor types available on the market, including the aftermarket’s preferred solution - programmable sensors. Programmable sensors, like Schrader’s EZ-sensor® family of products, come blank and need to be programmedTPMS Programming to the specific make, model, and year of the vehicle being serviced.

Sensor programming is performed using a compatible TPMS programming and diagnostic tool with updated software. Thanks to the ability to program the EZ-sensor® f­­­amily of products to a majority of the vehicles on the road, you can reduce your sensor stock levels to a single SKU and avoid potential lost sales! EZ-sensor® is also compatible with many market-leading TPMS tools, making it easy to use the sensor with your existing diagnostic tool, without extra investments.

Every TPMS tool manufacturer releases frequent software updates, that provide new and improved features, content, and capabilities. These updates add new vehicle coverage and relearn procedures to the tool. Make sure to check for software updates regularly to ensure you can service the latest vehicles.

To program a new EZ-sensor® follow the “program sensor” menu steps on your tool. After selecting the specific vehicle being serviced, Schrader recommends programming the sensor prior to installation to the wheel. However, EZ-sensor® can be programmed through the sidewall of the tire after installation. Once programmed, EZ-sensor® will behave just like an original equipment sensor.

Another feature to program sensors is to use the Copy-ID function. By scanning the originally equipped sensors, users can copy the sensor ID to an EZ-sensor®. This step can save time and ensure accuracy during sensor programming.

After the sensor has been successfully programmed and installed into the wheel, a TPMS relearn procedure must be completed on the vehicle. Most TPMS tools will have this functionality and can guide you through the recommended procedure. You can find more information about sensor programming below:

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Written by: John McGrane, Marketing & Communications Manager

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