Schrader TPMS Programming Tools

  • Programs Schrader EZ-sensor®
  • Activates OEM sensors
  • Diagnoses TPMS sensors
  • Quick make, model, year look up
  • Live vehicle coverage updates
  • Mobile and desktop capability
  • Works with Schrader’s TPMS App
  • Long battery life

Click Here to Download EZ-sensor® PAD Application

  • Programs Schrader EZ-sensor® only
  • Relearns OE and aftermarket sensors
  • Make, model, year look up
  • Decodes TPMS sensor data (ID, pressure, frequency, battery status and accelerometer)
  • TPMS relearn procedures built-in
  • RKE tester
  • Displays TPMS sensor and service kit part numbers
  • Programs Schrader EZ-sensor®
  • Wireless Bluetooth data transfer
  • Inductive charging capable
  • TIA inside technology
  • Quick make, model, year look up

This tool is no longer sold but continues to be supported with software updates

This tool is no longer sold but continues to be supported with software updates

Programming Tools

In addition to Schrader’s programming tool offering, the EZ-sensor® is also compatible with many popular tools currently in the market that you may already own. Click here to view which tools are compatible with Schrader’s 33500 EZ-sensor®.

Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

To ensure you have a successful and profitable TPMS program, Schrader offers a full, high-quaity, TPMS product line. Schrader provides OE replacement sensors as well as Schrader’s revolutionary programmable EZ-sensor®. Retrofit Kits are also available if a customer does not have TPMS but desires the safety and peace of mind that TPMS provides. Schrader also offers the products you need to service these sensors, such as OE quality service packs and hand tools.