Why Schrader

Why Aftermarket Retailers Trust Schrader Solutions

Unrelenting Service

The original Schrader valve allowed users to go the extra mile. Today, our company continues to carry the world and we believe a personal approach combined with an unfailing dedication to quality will keep us all moving forward.

Schrader's direct TPMS technology is the total package

From global OE vehicle manufacturers, as well as the thousands of repair centers that support consumers on a daily basis., from only the highest-quality components to error-eliminating manufacturing and assembly processes, to our rigorous testing of each sensor and valve, we bring together accuracy, proven reliability and peace of mind into our TPMS safety solutions. Remember that, although every component of a Schrader TPMS solution stands alone on its quality, it's only a Schrader TPMS solution if every part of it is Schrader made. Schrader TPMS quality extends from the valve to the sensor and to the over 40 intricate components in between. To ensure system integrity, always match Schrader valves with Schrader sensors.

Not All TPMS Solutions Are Created Equal

When Your Reputation Rides On Reliability...

Schrader’s OEM and aftermarket service and repair customers are only as good as the parts that go into their applications and equipment. There’s no doubt these parts need to work. Every. Single. Time.

Customer-Driven Innovation...

What sets Schrader apart from the rest is our focused commitment to providing innovative solutions for innovative companies. It’s fun to create, but it’s even better to solve. Schrader is working hard to deliver progressive customer-driven solutions to today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Vision, Engineering, And Collaboration Strength...

From the breakthrough valve design created by August Schrader in 1844 to the innovative TPMS systems that keep drivers safe, there’s not a single car manufactured today that doesn’t use technology originally designed by Schrader. With a century-strong reputation for quality, on-site support for clients and hundreds of global engineers dedicated to creating new technologies, no one can deliver trusted, innovative solutions quite like Schrader.

It’s an undeniable fact that Schrader is the world’s leading partner for innovative and dependable sensing solutions.