Schrader OE Replacement TPMS Sensors


Schrader is the largest OEM TPMS supplier, equipping over 56% of new vehicles globally. Schrader’s global OEM presence guarantees OE quality and performance standards for our genuine OE replacement sensors. 

Schrader offers an extensive OE replacement sensor portfolio in the aftermarket, that guarantee:

Quick and easy TPMS sensor replacement 

OE fit, form and function 

Industry-leading vehicle coverage 

Schrader offers direct-fit TPMS sensors that are 1-for-1 replacements for the sensors installed on the vehicle at the assembly line. Schrader has integrated over 800 million direct-fit sensors on global vehicle platforms since launching TPMS on the first production vehicles in 1997 (Chevrolet® C5 Corvette and Plymouth Prowler platforms). And don't worry - despite the variety of new vehicles, you don't have to keep hundreds of part numbers in stock, with just 17 OER parts you can cover 81.7% of the new vehicles on the European market.