Schrader® Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 North American Price Performance Value Leadership Award

TPMS performance, ease of use, technological advancement, industry leadership and customer service drive Schrader win

DENVER, CO (February 6, 2014) – Schrader International, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, today announced the company has been presented with Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 North American Price Performance Value Leadership Award in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Frost & Sullivan recognized Schrader as the best-in-class leader for the design and manufacturing of valve and sensing technologies for TPMS, in both the original equipment and aftermarket channels.

“This award illustrates Schrader’s continued commitment to providing market-leading TPMS products directly to global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), along with complete support to the aftermarket service and repair community,” said Hugh Charvat, president and CEO of Schrader. “Schrader is dedicated to advancing our leadership position in the TPMS industry with the best technical roadmap and feature sets for our OEM customers, as well as the critical training and consumer awareness campaigns to help make our customer-partners successful in the aftermarket.”

Frost & Sullivan praised Schrader’s EZ-sensor®, the industry’s first patented and programmable replacement sensor, as the most effective TPMS product in terms of price and performance on the market. EZ-sensor® simplifies aftermarket technicians’ ability to quickly and efficiently replace TPMS sensors, while also reducing inventory investment from just two parts numbers that cover approximately 90 percent of TPMS-equipped vehicles.

“As evidenced by its market-leading innovations in product development and quality management, Schrader sets the standard in translating technological advancements into the creation of customer-specific solutions and next generation tire pressure monitoring systems for global OEM and aftermarket channels,” said Prana Natarajan, automotive & transportation team leader at Frost & Sullivan. “In the fast-evolving and legislative-driven market of TPMS, Schrader’s dynamic ability to add value at an affordable price has resulted in a premium range of benefits to both luxury and mass-market vehicles by delivering reliable Direct TPMS solutions through a high performance-to-cost ratio.”

Frost & Sullivan also recognized Schrader’s advanced engineering facilities and unique vertical-integration model, by which all of the company’s TPMS products are manufactured, assembled, and tested. The model creates a highly automated, secure manufacturing environment, boosting efficiencies and quality assurance across the company’s global production lines.

“Schrader’s dedication to unmatched quality and high-performance TPMS solutions has led to the use of our products in more than half of the global OEM vehicle platforms worldwide,” said Charvat. “This dedication carries over to the aftermarket segment, where we are known for helping customer-partners and technicians structure their TPMS program to accurately and efficiently service TPMS-equipped vehicles for the consumer.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, Schrader is a leader in the TPMS market for its technical training, consumer awareness and customer service and support. Similarly, the company regularly works with global legislators, safety groups, consumers, automobile manufacturers and the aftermarket service and repair community to provide best practices and information on the lifesaving and fuel-efficiency benefits of TPMS.

“Schrader stays ahead of competition not only through leveraging their leading TPMS platform but also across their comprehensive range of training services and educational programs,” said Natarajan.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards identify exemplary achievements within a multitude of industries and functional disciplines. The analysis on best practices identifies companies, products, processes and executives that have achieved world-class performances.

For more information on Schrader, please visit Additionally, to learn more about the importance of TPMS, visit Schrader’s 3-in-1 Website: (for drivers), (for the aftermarket), and (for Original Equipment vehicle manufacturers).

About Schrader:

Schrader is the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions for automotive and industrial leaders, delivering solutions that protect and perform. Schrader is a pioneer in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), a vehicle safety feature that is now standard on all cars and light trucks sold in North America and growing in use globally, and is the leading supplier of TPMS sensors, valves, tools and training worldwide. Schrader is also widely known as the inventor of the industry-standard pneumatic tire valve − the very same valve used on every motor vehicle in the world today.

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