Historical Timeline

1844: August Schrader enters business in lower Manhattan as a turner of brass parts.

1845: Schrader supplies fittings and values for rubber products made by Goodyear Brothers

1849: Schrader produces copper driving helmets for underwater salvage operations.

1850: Schrader devises an air pump for diving suits

1890: August Schrader's son George Schrader enters the business and becomes responsible for the experimental work that results in the design of the tire valve.

1891: Schrader produces the first valve for bicycles

1896: Schrader patents the tire valve cap. Tire valves for automobiles are introduced

1905: Schrader introduces gauge to measure tire pressure with accuracy

1951: Schrader presses development of tubeless tire valves to meet needs of automotive industry

1956: Schrader develops the tubeless tire valve, which eliminates the need for the inner tube on automobile tires.

1998: Schrader introduces a variety of valve assembles in other automotive systems (bleeder valves ideal speed control valves, inertial damping shock absorbs valves and compressor control valves.

1999: Schrader equips the Renault Laguna with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) the first high-volume production car in the world to be launched with 100 percent TPMS.

2001: Schrader is producing a high volume of tire pressure monitoring system with fully automated production lines from global facilities.

2002: Schrader helps develops SAE standards for new CO2 automotive air conditioning systems and develops new innovation of valve designs

2009: Schrader receives the Frost and Sullivan Awards for Innovations for it's Snap-In TPMS sensor

2010: Schrader spearheads and sponsor a public and industry TPMS communications effort to raise awareness about tire suppress monitoring systems and to stress the importance of proper tire pressure. Schrader launches EZ-sensor®, the automotive industry's first patented & programmable OE-replacement TPMS sensor.

2012: Schrader Reaches TPMS Milestone with 200 Million Sensor Produced

2013: Frost & Sullivan awards Schrader the 2013 North American Price Performance Value Leadership Award in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS leadership for both OEM & Aftermarket channels)

2015: Schrader Introduces the revolutionary single SKU EZ-sensor®, combining 314.9, 315 and 433 MHz into a single sensor. This made it possible for shops to service a majority of vehicles while stocking only 1 part number.